Story of Oishiis

Oishiis is a subscription service that was started by the long-established “Shinkinedo”. Shinkinedo’s misson is,

Making People Happy through Sweets”.

We at Shinkinedo want as many people in the world to experience traditional Japanese sweets and hope that by doing so are able to provide moments of Joy every month.


Our Company

About Shinkinedo

Shinkinedo Group began as a chestnut confectioner in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture, a chestnut producing area.
More than 75 years have passed since our founding, and we currently sell our sweets to more than 20 countries around the world.
Shinkido Group continues to take on the challenge of making confectionaries that delight people.


Our Promise

Oishiis will deliver snacks and accessories to make you feel like you’re in Japan. In a time where world travel is expensive, we deliver a taste of Japan every month.

As a prominent Japanese confectionery company, we carefully select a number of snacks that are Japanese limited-edition items.

Not only will we provide you with amazing snacks, we will provide you with small accessories every month as well.

We promise to provide you with the once a month “Happy” feeling of ‘Japan’

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